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The Best Coastal Walk In The World, Bondi to Coogee -
 Bronte Beach. By Monique Hohnberg

Leaving Sydney

  My last goodbye swim in the cliff pool near my house did not go down like I wanted it to. I was angry and upset.   A few days prior, I had sent all of my belongings to Queensland. Now, all I had to do was finish tidying up and give access to the […]

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Commit To Yourself by Monique Hohnberg honberg RiseRegardless Rise Up

Commit to Yourself

  One of the biggest things I’ve been doing is to deeply commit to my intentional habits over and over again.   It goes something like this,   Alarm goes off at 6.45am. I wake up into consciousness, although you wouldn’t know it from looking at me. I run a self check through my body. […]

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Permission To Leap Interview with Bri Seeley and Monique Hohnberg RiseRegardless

Give Yourself Permission to Leap

Hi Bri, Thanks for joining the Rise Regardless Tribe! I read your book ‘Permission to Leap’ over 3 nights. This book gives invaluable guidance for anyone making change. I read it that way because I wanted to absorb all the wonderful things you were saying and have time in between for deep contemplation.   1.What […]

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The Mind Believes What You Tell It. Making neuroscience and The Reticular Activating System (RAS) Work For You by Monique Hohnberg RiseRegardless

The Mind Believes What You Tell It

    Kate was sitting with a friend looking through a fashion magazine, when she came across a beautiful sapphire ring and exclaimed, “I love this ring.”   Her friend, Sophie said, “No you don’t. You only like it because your favorite color is blue.”   Kate replied, “No, that’s not true. I love it.” […]

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The One Bad Idea Running Your Day by Monique Hohnberg RiseRegardless Rise Regardless Personal Development and Lifestyle

The One Bad Idea Running Your Day

  What’s the one underlying bad idea running your day? I certainly had one. It runs automatically in the background. It’s always there. That’s why you don’t see it until it’s pointed out to you. It sits in the background as an energy of frustration, discontent or resentment.    Mine was, “there’s not enough time […]

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Review of Danielle LaPorte Sydney Talk with The Wake Up Project by Monique Hohnberg

Review of Danielle LaPorte Sydney Talk

  I went to superstar Danielle LaPorte’s talk the other night in Sydney to hear some kick-ass spirituality and personal development. So, I thought I’d review the talk and share the 3 big takeaways.   Over 4 million people have visited her website, she’s had lunch with Oprah and runs a multi million dollar company. […]

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The Farmhouse gate looking out to the paddock

Packing up the Farmhouse

  Dear RRers,   I’m surrounded by boxes. As I look out over the laptop I can see work done and more work to do. That’s about the sum of it. It’s too hot to do anything now. It’s 50 degrees Celsius (120 Fahrenheit) outside. The Australian bush is a fierce place to be this […]

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