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About me

Hello, I’m Monique. I’m an Encouragement Leader, Founder of the worldwide phenomenon #RiseRegardless, entrepreneur, published writer, photographer and speaker.

I have over 247,000 followers on social media. I’ve helped thousands of people with their lives. Every single day someone contacts me, saying I’ve helped him or her. It is my very sincere hope that I can help you too.

I didn’t expect to end up here, writing to you, with a website – being seen as an Encouragement Leader.



My story

I began tweeting when I was very ill, bed bound and isolated. It was about my life and how to Rise Regardless no matter what. How to have quality of life no matter your circumstances.

What I was tweeting about just resonated with people. Things went crazy. By the end of the year I had 60,000 followers, and I gained another 120,000 in the next twelve months. At 20,000 followers I got my first interview and it hasn’t stopped since.


My Rise Regardless philosophy & how it came about

During 16 years I lived with very up and down energy due to pituitary surgery, glandular fever and adrenal fatigure. For years at a time, I lived like a yogi in a cave or a monk in a monastery. Very simply with very little money. I didn’t get out much at all. I couldn’t.


I’ve read a lot of books – biographies of tragedy and triumph, autobiographies, various religions, new age, spirituality, health and wellness, personal development: so many I can’t count. But I found many PD books troublesome. The reality in those books was so far from mine at the time. They helped but only a bit. It seemed many were written for a certain type of person, someone who had health, education and money behind them.

When I’m free flowing with my thoughts, pondering the A to Z of all that is mystical and practical I have a little test. If something is seen as a universal truth, it has to work everywhere – in the poorest of Africa to a rich European country. If it only applies to certain countries then it’s not for me. So, this is where I’m coming from. This is my earnest approach.


However, Rise Regardless is more than that …


It’s unconventional because of my background. I’ve lived so many ways of being from hanging with the A-list film crowd to being a kitchen hand. I’ve done it tough, lived in hardship. I daren’t count how many years as I don’t really want to know. I’ve lost it all time again through tragedies and heart rending dark nights of the soul. And soared too. Rising. Miracles. I’ve seen the world from many different points of view. It brings a unique perspective.


I’m not saying I have all the answers. But I’ll share with you what I know.


I’ll show you how to Rise Regardless.



And my promise to you is I’ll keep it real. Aussie farm girl real. Soul’s truth with farm boots covered in bush dust belongs together. Oh, and not to forget my love of the ocean. That’s important too.

Now after 16 years of health problems, which were the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, a full body cast has come off. I’m using neuroplasticity to heal myself.

So what’s going to happen next in my life? I’m not sure. But I’m wildly excited. I’m creating myself anew. My mission is to create the life I love. So, stay tuned in. Check into my blog and see what I’m up to.


My hope for you

I want to inspire great change in you and encourage you to live the life you’ve always wanted. Whatever that may be. I want to shake you up. Make you think. See things differently. And take action everytime.

So many times people have contacted me and said ‘I really needed to hear that right now!’ ‘I read your messages every day while getting over heart surgery. It helped me get better’. ‘Your platform uplifts me’. ‘It solved my problem – I understand now. Thank you!’

When you make the invisible threads of your life visible, you grow.

You Rise Regardless.

It’s that simple. So take the time and delve into my blog posts. If something really resonates. Makes a powerful impression – make sure you come back and re-read it. There are hidden layers to my message. Embed the learning in your soul. Feel the change as it reorders your knowing and how you will be in your life from now on. It’s a waste of time to read it once and then forget about it.

And do let me know. I want to know how you are going. I really do. Add a comment to my blog. It will inspire someone else to make the change they have been seeking.

I’ll also be sharing my stories, stuff ups and triumphs. Join me on my journey as I create the life I love, and be inspired to create your best life too.


What I’ll be writing about on this website

My twitter and social media platforms share powerful encouragement, inspiration, thought-provoking ideas, my life and my photography.

On my website I will blog about (this may change over time) wellness and health: personal development: books, films and TV series: my life and random things I feel should be shared.



I will show you how to create a life of quality no matter your circumstances – no matter where you are at. Life can be tough. I get it. I’ve been there. So don’t worry. I’ll show you how to Rise Regardless. It’ll include all my tools, resources, wisdom and knowledge. It’ll cover everything from neuroplasticity tactics, wellness hacks, the best way to handle tragedy, how to succeed at life, core character traits that fast track growth and resilience, productivity hacks, tips about life and much more.

I want you to design a Rise Regardless life that is in tune with YOU.

I will also share my personal stories and anything else I know is important to share.

I love stories.

Stories are about life. The hero’s journey. The struggle to be better than we were yesterday, the triumph of spirit over tragedy, the absurdity of life. Stories encourage us to be better, live larger. We remember what we are capable of when we read good stories. We tap into our desires and spirit. Your spirit always wants you to expand and grow. When you read the stories about my life you will be inspired.


A small taste of Monique

On a high school excursion to the big smoke, I went to the Sydney Opera House. A party was in full swing on its forecourt. Imagine being able to have a party there. The Opera Sails rising above you, the deep living blue of the ocean twinkling in the sunlight, yachts and ferries going about their business, and the endless Australian summer sky above you.

The women looked so beautiful in their dresses. I’d never seen  such wealth and elegance up close. It’s not how farm life rolls. I stood there in my country high school uniform and pigtails, and made a pact with a friend. By age 30, we’d be hiring the Sydney Opera House for our party. We’d be glamorous and rich too.


That didn’t happen.


This is what happened instead …


  • As a young teenager I read the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey. Each month I introduced a habit into my life. It worked. I picked up 3 scholarships, which included money to study overseas for a year. And no, I didn’t get the highest marks.


  • While at Leeds University I hitchhiked to London a lot, and to Paris once for a competition.


  • Fell in love with Philippe from the Ivory Coast of Africa, who sold sunglasses in Paris – but only for the day.


  • At 22, told I had severe Multiple Sclerosis and I’d be in a wheelchair within 2 years. Quit my corporate job, became a dance instructor, and did some wild stuff. It’s an interesting experiment to try and jam a full life into 6 months!


  • 6 months later I got the correct diagnosis and had emergency brain surgery. I looked death in the eye and said no way. My sense of reality free-falled all the way to the core of what makes me real. Decided to live life on my terms no matter what.


  • For the heck of it did a day on a film set and the electricity I felt running through my body told me I was onto a good thing. Found my new career path, just like that.


  • Discovered I had PTSD from brain surgery. Got help, which didn’t work. Cured myself with a method I made up.


  • Got Glandular Fever which turned into Adrenal Fatigue. Battled through 16 years of up and down energy. Lived with multiple health problems.


  • Worked as an actor (you only get a job once every 2 months – so it was perfect for me), and published 40,000 words as a freelance film journalist. I sold venetian blinds on TV, cookies in Women’s Magazines and got typecast in feature films as a brothel owner/prostitute due to my ill pallor and big smile.


  • I’ve been a fake patient in nearly all the hospitals around Sydney (yes, like Kramer in Seinfield) and interviewed Sam Worthington about Avatar.


  • Been told I’m an invalid, victim, waste of space, wise woman, Inspirational Leader and mystic. Mix that in with actor, film journalist, photographer, farm girl and teacher. The labels keep changing: I don’t. Not at my core.


  • Grew up on a large sheep property with 4,000 plus sheep and many dogs. Freedom, dust, droughts and lifestyle. Wouldn’t change my upbringing one little bit.


  • I love the wide brown open space of the Australian bush. That and the ocean. It’s endless blue. Both are timeless, mysterious and majestic. From the particles of earth I come, and back there I will go. But not yet. The ocean and the bush help me remember who I am and who I will become.


You can find me on social media at ~

Image Credits – Enzo Amato Photography.