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Believing in You, Identity, Stuckness and Creativity


An intro to my interview on Artist Strong about Creativity, Stuckness and Believing in you with a photo essay on the farmhouse


My interview with the lovely Carrie of Artist Strong has just come out.


In it we look at forming a new identity and how to do it. To do this you need trust yourself and not second guess yourself every time. We examine the roots of stuckness and what you can do about it.


I also talk about how being creative (and by creative I mean anything you find creative – not the cliche ideas of what is supposed to be creative) opens you up and settles the spirit. It gets you in tune with yourself. So, you can access that flow state. I also deep dive into the contradictory nature of creating and editing. Creating is the flow state and connecting with the soul. We edit to refine our work. Both are needed, but when and how much?


You can read my interview here – Creative Spirit Interview with Artist Strong


I’ve also included a photo essay of my last days on the farm.




Here are some excerpts for you ~


“Being stuck is in part to do with not trusting yourself to create something of interest or value.”

“The new identity starts on the inside with a thought you follow through on. It all depends on which thoughts you pay attention to. Nurture it until it becomes a big fire. Until the feeling becomes a fierce knowing.”


“When I’m creative I enter into that flow state. I feel at peace and totally consumed by what I’m doing. Creativity is time off. It gives you head space.”


“No-one can know what you are capable of. They can only see what you have done.”


My interview with the lovely Carrie of Artist Strong


Serving you always,




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