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I began tweeting when very ill in bed with my own brand of encouragement, inspiration, insights about life, humour and photography. It just took off. It was about how to #RiseRegardless even in very bad situations. Nowadays, my focus is much broader.


My social media profiles reach approximately 1.3 million people a month, that’s over 13 million impressions a year. When I do an hour long twitter chat session for an organisation or brand I can make 3 million impressions in that hour (which I don’t count towards my year average). My profile on Twitter is visited approximately 41,000 times a month, which is separate to seeing my posts in a feed.


At 20,000 followers, Carrie saw what I was doing on Twitter, loved it, and I did my very first feature interview with Artist Strong (Oman). It received well over 1,400 Twitter shares. Interview offers have not stopped since. I’ve been asked back to Artist Strong a few times now. I’ve also done feature length radio interviews for The Good Radio Network (USA), Perth Radio and BlogTalk Radio –The Naked Talk (Nigeria). See below for testimonials.


When the host’s line got accidentally cut in the middle of the session (that’s how things roll in Nigeria) I ended up running the show and interviewing the other guests for 10 minutes for my 2nd media appearance. Later, I found out there were 982,000 listeners from around the world. I’m glad I didn’t know beforehand. This instantly improved my confidence doing live radio!


For 2 years in a row, I’ve been a virtual mentor for International Women’s Day in Nigeria, in association with the American Embassy. Now, the weirdest thing is the ladies for IWD Nigeria did not know I had done radio interviews in Nigeria already. So, I’ve ended up introducing them to each other, and they have worked together!


The tweet session for IWD 2016, #Takealeap, reached 567,000 accounts. Nearly 4 million (3,958,870) impressions were made, 3 million of which came from my account.


I was also interviewed for the Nigerian Online Magazine, Women of Rubies, and asked to speak at a Conference on how to ‘Grow a Popular Twitter Account and Build a Tribe.’ Another speaker, from New York, managed to get a billboard donated in Times Square. Who would have thought a conference, built on a dime and a nickel, from little ol’ Nigeria could end up with electronic space at the centre of it all? Alex Okoroji, the organizer, was way excited.


I did all this from my bedroom, ill in Sydney, Australia. It’s been wonderful to help young women and the people of Nigeria improve their life in difficult circumstances.


Until now, I’ve never approached anyone, due to my ill health. It all came to me because of Twitter. That’s changed. I’ll probably be approaching you soon to speak or write. Can you please whitelist me now so my email will make it?


Some other interesting notes. In a previous life I worked as a film journalist with over 40,000 words published. I did celebrity interviews, film reviews and in-depth specialist articles for film professionals. I used to do food reviews for street magazines but that was a long time ago. I’ve worked as an actor with a plethora of jobs ranging from exciting to just really bad.


I feel I might be ready to go on some D Grade celebrity reality show at this point. You know, one that’s so bad they are desperate for celebrities to sign up. But for some unknown reason I think I’ll decline.


I am, however, open and very willing, for other jobs. Speaking. Writing. And hell yes, I’d love to get back into Acting.


In terms of public speaking you might be saying – oh she hasn’t had enough practice. When I’m teaching at univeristy I like to make my students laugh, and they are fortunate or unfortunate, as the case may be, to be subjected to a “life lesson” each week. These come from the stirrings of my mind. I’m very big on life lessons. My student got dux last year, but she always finished tasks 10 minutes before everyone else so I can’t really take credit for that. Oh, acting is a form of public speaking too.


In terms of affiliate marketing I’m interested only if it’s a good fit. And I’d love to be a Branded Ambassador too, but for the right crowd.


To see who I am and what I stand for go to my About Me page. For more information and data email me at ~~>  info at riseregardless dot com


Best,    Monique



These testimonials are from my hour long radio interview with The Good Radio Network, USA.


“I have been a follower of Monique’s Twitter account for some years. Her #RiseRegardless hashtag has always been filled with positive and thought provoking ideas. Listening to her recent radio interview, I was amazed at how many challenges she had to go through so far in life. Her determination and willingness to overcome each circumstance is not only amazing; but also proof that she walks the talk and rises regardless of what she encounters. A great listening experience, and a lesson in looking at life with positive energy and empowering focus.” Andre Dorian, Montreal, Canada, @andre_dorian


“A very Inspirational, Candid, Interview. Very Relatable. Thank You for Sharing with Us!!” Philip R. Smith  Los Angeles, CA, @ssimmstown


“Monique is a very Inspirational survivor who has successfully developed her strength by never giving up to trials, adversities, difficulties, or afflictions, and I appreciate her great approach in handling any situation that life throws our way, she reminds me of a Bible passage at Philippians 4: 13 “For all things I have the strength through the one who gives me power.” For one who went through brain surgery and kept going when others might have given up I must say very good show Monique.” Anthony Ghinelli, Brooklyn, New York, @tonyghinelli48


“While listening to Monique’s interview, I was struck by her quiet strength and her resolve given her health challenges. I was inspired and challenged by her testimony to never give up and to face every challenge head on. Thanks Monique for sharing your journey.” Aretha McDowell Best, North Carolina, USA, @DreamBIGG_Now